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Lou-hi Sense Board was designed under the leadership of Professor Jukka Louhivuori in Finland, in cooperation with special education teachers, music therapists and health professionals. Experts in technology, design and behavioral sciences participated in the product development, as well as a large number of device users.


Various age and user groups were taken into account in the development work. The Lou-hi Sense Board aid and music therapy in general can be recommended e.g. in the following difficulties:

  • Neuropsychiatric syndromes and developmental disabilities

  • Problems of emotional life and life management

  • Visible injuries

  • Physical disabilities and limitations

The advancedness of the device is based on combining modern sensor technology, touch, and the worlds of music and sound.


In therapy work, music is not an end in itself, but an aid. Playing or other musical skills are not required.


"Music has a wonderful, healing power. I wanted to use all my expertise to harness that power for the benefit of people."

Jukka Louhivuori

Professor emeritus of music education, developer of Lou-hi products

We want to revolutionize the way people rehabilitate and heal with the help of music and smart technology.


The developer of Lou-hi products, CareUs Oy, is a Finnish company focused on wellness and health technology, which designs, manufactures and markets smart products and applications that promote rehabilitation, learning and human creativity.


Our products make use of touch, sound, music and movement, applying it to various needs with the help of smart and sensor technology. The target groups are:


  • Health and wellness professionals

  • Rehabilitation, physical and music therapy professionals

  • Special needs and medical schools

  • Music teachers, professionals and enthusiasts


Our mission is to promote health and well-being through technological innovations that increase interactivity. Our vision is to grow into the most attractive well-being and health technology company operating in the global market, which brings new ways to promote health and well-being to the world.

Contact information

CareUs Oy  

Koivukatu 4, 40630 Jyväskylä

Y ID:  3180424-7

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